Lotus Felt Brooch

Lotus Felt Brooch Hi~! Like I said before, I want to remake all of my old tutorials with better photos. I’ll start with this simple lotus felt tutorial because it’s the easy one. :) Good tutorial, in my humbe opinion, should have not only brief explanation how to make or do things but also have pictures that can show something the word won’t do. Excellent picture will do more than that: they will feast...

Organdy Rose Brooch in Pastel Colours

Organdy Rose Brooch in Pastel Colours Honestly, I don’t really like roses. I love flower in simple ways, like looking at the pink flowers that I don’t even know its name at my front yard than kissing a big bouquet of expensive flowers. For me flowers just like life itself. We enjoy everything in front of our eyes and gratefully say thanks to God than make it look artificially pretty in a wrap of expensive paper and make them as...

Polkadot Rose Tutorial

Polkadot Rose Tutorial Hallo. :) Last week, I bought some organdy ribbons and find out how to make cute brooch from them. Maybe some of you are wondering why I really love making brooch or headpin. It’s because I can use it as hijab accesories so people can see it. And that is the reason why I prefer to make something wearable and useable. I don’t have to keep them at home just for decoration. I love to use my...

Cute Fabric Candies

Cute Fabric Candies It’s pretty gloomy Sunday because my town is out of electricity from morning to afternoon. One of  tower that supplying electricity from power generator in suburban area was broken. Took a long time to fix it because the weather is still bad either. So, to kill the time, I make bunch of candies from leftover cotton fabric. I’m planning to make them as brooch or headband. It will look cute with...

Lotus Brooch Tutorial

Lotus Brooch Tutorial Hello…. ^^ Yes, this is my first tutorial on this website. I’ve made the same tutorial like this in my personal blog and many readers love it. So, I try to remake it with better photo shots so this tutorial will look even more beautiful. The simple reason why we love to do craft is because we can use or wear them without feeling guilty about how much money we spent on those things. And that...
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