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Hello…. :cutesmile:

Last month, I bought one of felt book that show how to make baby shoes out of felt. And finally, I can make the very first felt baby shoes. It’s kinda tricky I think. The way you sew dan copy the pattern will make different result to the final product. So it’s very important to make sure that you copying all the patterns right.

After this pink baby shoes, I make another one with purple felt and it’s not as good as this pink one. The reason is I wasn’t really take care of the sewing and cut the wrong patterns. The way you do the stitch will make different result too. You have to do the fine and seamless stitch for the inner shoes and do the ultimate tidy and perfect stitch for the out side of its. Yes, its’ kind of stressful for the baby shoes’ beginner like me. :(

But I will keep trying until I can make ite better.


I gave it some kind of grossgrain bow to make it look sweeter. You can see how the colours compliment each other? Yes, sometime you have to do more experiment in colour pairing so you can make craft with more beautiful combined colours.

So, enjoy the photos.

Next time, maybe I will show you a simple tutorial. I’ve finished taking all the photos I need but still on progress to write the descriptions.

Have a nice day~!



6 Responses to “Pink Baby Girl’ Shoes”

  1. Wow! It’s beautiful! Great job! I am looking forward to the tutorial. I want to make a nice pair for my baby girl.

  2. I love the color combination. The fabric looks soft and comfy! That would be perfect for my little Nancy. I am excited for the tutorial.

  3. ros says:

    Comment :D

  4. momo says:

    great job . i love it . please do the felt rose tutorial . i very very love your felt rose . :twisted:

  5. tita says:

    luccuuuu… itu gimana cara bikinnya? ada tutorialnya gak? :oops:

    • OctaNH says:

      Saya liat dari bukunya Mbak Fitry Gaity, Mbak Tita. Di bukunya ada polanya yang bisa langsung dicetak dan diikutin. :D

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