Felt Rose Temptation




Hello…. :)

It took me a whole week to take photos of these rose headpins and broochs. I’m kind of busy cooking, baking, and doing food photography and blogging while these things became second or maybe third priority. :( (I have to stop baking and taking food photography and focusing on craft. But, it’s so hard!) Meanwhile, the weather is not good either. But, this weekend, I have finished taking all the photos I need. Finally….


I imagine these roses taste like strawberry and vanilla everytime I look at these photos.

I’m planning to make some other kind of brooch, headpin, and headband from these roses. Maybe like combining it with ribbons or beads. But so far, this is all I’ve made from it.

I use grossgrain and lace ribbon for the brooch. I really love making some ruffles from lace ribbon. It can make these roses extra cute and sweet. Using only the roses and do some colour and shape pairing with additional leaves also make it looks pretty. One of my friend told me that these roses look like cream on the top of cake. Not only the colour, but also the shape. Maybe I can make some cookie jar with tart shape and make these roses as decorative element. That would be  wonderful, I think. :)

I’m using simple stitches and many dead knots to put all the petals together. I’m not using glue because it’s kind of difficult to keep the rose in good half-blooming shape. And not to mention the messy thing that can possibly happen.

So, enjoy the photos.

I have to get back taking some other photos. :)


Rose headpins.


I’m using grossgrain and lace ribbon to sweeten these broochs.


This baby pink rose is adorable, isn’t it?


Roseeee, everywhere~!

Thank you for reading my blog. :)

10 Responses to “Felt Rose Temptation”

  1. Rahmi Aziza says:

    co cwweet banget mak, aku pengen dng siajarin bikin giniii

    • OctaNH says:

      Saya pengen nulis tutorialnya juga. Tapi mulai sering ujan di sini, Mbak Rahmi. Jadi ketunda-tunda terus ngambil fotonya. :(

  2. waya komala says:

    waaaaaa, cantiiiik bangeeet!*histeris ;D
    langsung naksir nih, mak. blognya juga keren banget. Salam kenal ya :)

  3. hana sugiharti says:

    ihh si emak makin kerenn aja :D

  4. riestabacil says:

    bikin tutorialnya donk mak….

  5. eno says:

    cantik bgt mba bunganya…bkinin tutorial buat yg ini dunk mba…naksir berat…hihi…bagus baaangggettzz :D

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