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Hallo. :)

Last week, I bought some organdy ribbons and find out how to make cute brooch from them. Maybe some of you are wondering why I really love making brooch or headpin. It’s because I can use it as hijab accesories so people can see it. And that is the reason why I prefer to make something wearable and useable. I don’t have to keep them at home just for decoration. I love to use my handmade craft to sweeten my hijab, cloth, shoes, or even my bag. I want to show them off. :D

I bought three organdy ribbons with very cute colours and have polkadot motifs that make them really appealing. And I bought lace ribbons too. This lace ribbons look like crochet thingy, so I think I can use it to make my handmade craft looks like more crafty without doing crocheting on them because I can’t do it. Yes, I still learn how to crochet and knit. It’s a long way to go before I can make some lace crochet ribbon like this. And before that time coming, I decided to use this instant lace ribbon. :D


Polkadot organdy ribbon.


Lace ribbon.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make simple yet cute rose brooch. It’s really simple and you don’t need mastering some kind of sewing technique. The only thing you have to do is make some neat ruffle and make sure you can roll that ruffle up so you can make beautiful rose from it.


1. Organdy ribbon. I use 1 1/4 inch wide. If you have smaller or bigger organdy ribbon, you still can use it. But, I recommend you don’t use any bigger that 1 1/2 inch because the roses you’ll make will look so big and it will a little difficult to keep it in shape.

2. Lace ribbon. I use 1 inch lace ribbon.

3. Sewing neddle and thread.

4. Brooch pin.

5. Pair of Scissors.

6. Glue gun.



Take the organdy ribbon and measure it with ruler. The length is about 80-90 cm. Fold it. Keep the tip together.


Roll the tip about five or six times.


And then make a dead knot in the middle of the scroll like the picture below. Keep the thread, don’t cut it.



Make straight sew and keep the distance of every stitch in the same length. After you reach the other tip of the ribbon, pull the thread slowly.


Make a neat ruffle and make sure you keep it not so tight. And then make a dead knot and cut the thread.



Start rolling it from the scroll you made before.


When you finish rolling it, make a dead knot.


And then, do a single stitch like the picture below. Make sure that get into the middle of the rose. You have to do this to make sure the rolling rose you made is in shape.


Do it once again with different side. From bottom to up. Then make a dead knot.


You just made a cute and neat rose. If your rose don’t look like this, you just need to practice. I made bunch of ugly and more-look-like-a-cabbage-than-a-rose things before I can make something like this. The key is when you make ruffle, try to keep it loose and not so tight so your rose will look not so bloom but little more like half-blooming rose.


4. For the extra cuteness, make straigt stitch on the lace ribbon…


…and then make a chained ruffle just like this with the organdy ribbon but do it more tight. Keep the middle hole as small as possible.


5. Put some glue on the bottom of the rose and stick it on the lace ribbon ruffle.


6. Take a rounded cut felt or anything you have (you can also use any leftover fabric that you have), and put some glue on it.


Put it on the back of the lace ribbon ruffle.


And then you can put a brooch pin on that. It look neater than if you just stick the pin on the back of the lace ribbon ruffle just like that.


And, your brooch is done!


I think it’s really easy but the finished product looks like it’s made by moderate level crafter. :D


I’m really sorry if my english is not so good. I’m still learning how to write in english and I found that writing craft thing in english is more more more challenging than I thought. It’s easier to write an english short story or article than to explain how to make thing. But, it’s doesn’t make me giving up. I will learn. If you find some strange and out of place words I use, please point it out. I really appreciate it if you help me to learn how to write this tutorial better. :)

Thank you for reading my tutorial. :)

Buh-bye. ^^

7 Responses to “Polkadot Rose Tutorial”

  1. Lia Rahmawati says:

    bagus banget mba, aku baru ‘kenal’ blog mba hari ini hasil googling. keep writing ya mba, tutorialnya okeh banget, mohon izin dan dipraktwkin buat dijualin… hehehe..
    Thanks a bunch :cutesmile:

  2. Este says:

    tutorialnya wokeh banget mbak…. sangat membantu keep writing yah mbaak ^^ :blush:

  3. fitri agus utami says:

    maturnuwun buat segala infonya,,,
    dr kemarin capek2 muterin pasar yang luas banget buat nyari kain katun yang okey banget gambarnya hasilnya nihil… eeeehhhh g taunya blog ini kasih info tempat jual kain katun…

    nyesel banget rasa’nya.. mending buka net dr kmrn2….

    skali lg suwuuuuuuunnnnn banget….

  4. Teresa says:

    Thank you for sharing this craft tutorial. Keep practicing your English, if you want something bad enough, hard work always pays off. You seem to be learning quite well. All the best to you and please continue sharing your craft knowledge.

  5. ilham says:

    Mbak….siiiip bgt…!!!pda bgus2 smw…


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