Organdy Rose Brooch in Pastel Colours




Honestly, I don’t really like roses. :(

I love flower in simple ways, like looking at the pink flowers that I don’t even know its name at my front yard than kissing a big bouquet of expensive flowers. For me flowers just like life itself. We enjoy everything in front of our eyes and gratefully say thanks to God than make it look artificially pretty in a wrap of expensive paper and make them as present. Life is a present. Beautiful as it is.

But I don’t mind to make cute accesories out of organdy ribbon that resembling the shape of half-blooming rose. This rose look-a-like brooch I made not only to used as my hijab accesories, but also to pin it on my boring flat shoes. :D


When I tried to make them for the very first time, I ended up making a lot of small roses that look like dead cockroaches. But I keep practicing. You still believe that I have that special thing that called “talent”? Talented people make roses from the beginning. Stubborn people like me, keep making it after a box of dead cockroaches shaped ribbon. After awhile, I can make something that look like a rose. And now, I sometime I still make that dead cockroach out of ribbon among my cute roses. Nothing can be so perfect.

When making crafts, I’m not only designing the shape or the pattern, but also the colour. I realize that the colours I pick can make different impression for the finished ¬†product. Like for these roses, I choose pastel colours because I want to show more soft and sweet rose. If I used the strong and intense colours like bright red or dark blue, it will look elegant but not sweet. I have to choose between those two: making something elegant or sweet? Yes, I want it sweet and soft. The elegant things can wait. :)


If you want to make something sweet and cute, baby pink is a must!


This soft orange looks like something reminds me of autumn.


Can you guess, which one is my favorite? :D


Yes, the purple it is.

I’m planning to take some photos for this brooch tutorial today. Maybe I will add some kind of vintage things like lace ribbon or pearl beads, I’m still thinking of that.

Thank you for reading my blog. :)

Hope you enjoy it.

3 Responses to “Organdy Rose Brooch in Pastel Colours”

  1. Neng says:

    assalamualaikum…hwaaaaaaaaaaa so cute…tuto please…

  2. waya komala says:

    cantiiiik. Dirumah banyak pita nih. aku ikut bikin ya mak… :)
    trims,sudah menginspirasi..


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