Cute Fabric Candies




It’s pretty gloomy Sunday because my town is out of electricity from morning to afternoon. :( One of ¬†tower that supplying electricity from power generator in suburban area was broken. Took a long time to fix it because the weather is still bad either.

So, to kill the time, I make bunch of candies from leftover cotton fabric.


I’m planning to make them as brooch or headband. It will look cute with my hijab and abaya.


I really love this orange candy. The colours is really stunning!


I’m planning to make a tutorial how to make this cute little candy. Maybe next week or a week after that. I’m still wondering about making brooch out of ribbons. So, I decided to postpone any other tutorial.


Many people asked me to make felt craft tutorial. I think, I will try to find something that can made from felt and combining it with fabric like cotton. Maybe I will use this candies as decoration too.


Hope you enjoy this weekend.

Thank you for reading my blog. :)


Talk to you later.

Buh-bye. :)

6 Responses to “Cute Fabric Candies”

  1. Natalie says:

    I think these are super cute!!! What do you use to tie the ends?

  2. dianadaily says:

    :D suka banget sama blog mu mbaaaaa.. suka suka suka… aku jadi semangat belajar jait lagiiiiii.. sukses terus ya mbaaa

    • OctaNH says:

      Makasih. Ayo njait! Saya lagi agak males-malesan ini karena kebanyakan kerjaan lain. Hiks. < -- ini ok malah curhat? :D

  3. @pril says:

    Can we please get a tutorial? These are so cute.

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