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Hello…. ^^

Yes, this is my first tutorial on this website. I’ve made the same tutorial like this in my personal blog and many readers love it. So, I try to remake it with better photo shots so this tutorial will look even more beautiful.

The simple reason why we love to do craft is because we can use or wear them without feeling guilty about how much money we spent on those things. And that happen to these broochs. I made about a dozen of this broochs. It’s like … it’s never be enough broochs. I make it in different colours, fabrics, and motifs and it costs cheaper than if I buy two broochs at local accessories shop. It’s amazing, huh? :D


1. Cotton fabrics with two different motifs. Try to mix and match it.

2. Button or bead. You can choose any button that you like. I use big “candy button”.

3. Sewing needle and thread.

4. Scissor.

5. Pencil.

6. Glue gun.




Make round shape at the wrong side of your fabric. The diameter is 8 cm, but you can make it bigger or smaller depending on the size you like for the finished brooch. I think 8 cm is good size for me and I always make it this big. I use a pudding cup to help. :D


Make 6 round shapes fot the upper petal and 8 for the lower petal. Then, cut it nicely.



Fold it…


…and then fold it again.

It will looks like this:


Sew it with straight stitch. Make sure you stitch it with the same length…


…so, when you pull the thread, you’ll have a nice petal like this:


I do it for all flowery fabrics. Then join it together and make a dead knot. So, you will have upper petals like this:


Do the same thing for the lower petals.



Now, about the button.

As I said before, you can have any button or bead that you like. Just make sure it’s bigger enough so you can hide the ugly hole. It’s the most important job that the button or bead should do beside it will make your brooch looks more beautiful.

I used “candy button” like the the picture I show you below. The diameter of this button is about 1,5 cm.


Notice that different colour you choose will make different impression for the brooch. But in my opinion, you should always choose the button or bead that have similar colours with the fabric. Honestly, the purple button looks like out of the colour palette for this greeny brooch.


Hmmm … I think I will go with the green button. And my brooch will look like this:


Use the glue gun to stick them together. Don’t forget to add a brooch pin behind it. You can stick it on a round shape felt before. If you don’t have felt, you can use the leftover fabric. But I prefer to use felt because it’s thicker and steadier.


And your lotus brooch is done!


It’s easy, right?

I really want to hear what do you think about this brooch and tutorial. Don’t be shy to leave a comment below.

Thank you. ^^

16 Responses to “Lotus Brooch Tutorial”

  1. Ety Abdoel says:

    wow,impressive blog. complete tutorial with nice pictures..

  2. shinta Rini says:


    Wah mashaAllah, bagus & inspiratif mbak tutorilanya..2 jempol buat mbak Octa..Kl saya suka paper quilling art mbak..Mbak, gambar fotonya tajam, DSLR tipe apa yang mbak pake? Trus bookmark gambar pake photoshop ato apa mbak?

    • OctaNH says:

      Makasih Mbak Shinta. ^^

      Saya pake Canon D1100, Mbak. Entry level kameranya, jadi gak mahal-mahal banget. :D Buat bookmark-nya, saya pake Photoshop soalnya adanya itu doang di komputer saya. :(

  3. shinta Rini says:


    Wah mashaAllah, bagus & inspiratif mbak tutorialnya..2 jempol buat mbak Octa..Kl saya suka paper quilling art mbak..Mbak, gambar fotonya tajam, DSLR tipe apa yang mbak pake? Trus bookmark gambar pake photoshop ato apa mbak? Pokoknya keren..keren..

  4. lieshadie says:

    Sangat bermanfaat dan mengispirasi Mbak Okta…

  5. Tutorialnya jelas sekali pertahapnya. Foto2nya juga keren2 dan amat informatif… Selamat utk blog baru ini…

  6. Lina says:

    Nice Pic.. ^^

    bagus2 mba karyanya.. terus berkreasi dan share tutorialnya ya :-D

    untuk cotton fabric itu belinya dmana ya?

    • OctaNH says:

      Makasih. Itu kaen katun biasa, Mbak Lina. Ada yang aku beli di toko bahan kerajinan tangan, ada yang aku ambil dari baju bekas yang udah gak kepake. Sayang kan daripada dibuang, mending didaur-ulang. :D

  7. waya komala says:

    cantiiiiik..,suka banget :)

  8. ros says:

    very nice….i like it.. :cutesmile:

  9. Ika Kusumaningrum says:

    Subhanallah…ladang amal bt Mba. Ilmu yg brmnfaat bg org lain.Hebbbbbbaaaaaaattttt….

  10. elsha says:

    cantik sekali bros nya… salam kenal Mba Octa, terimakasih ilmunya. izin coba di rumah ya

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